What is a Technical Capability Statement

What is a Technical Capability Statement

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So what is a Technical Capability Statement? It is much like a Capability Statement, in that it is used to respond to the following notices published by the Government.

Sources Sought Notices
Request for Information
Broad Agency Announcements

A Technical Capability document is the key to building a relationship with important decision-makers in government contracting. It provides them with a concise description of the goods and your approach to a specific complex situation that an Agency has.

Writing an effective Technical Capability Statement

In addition to the sections outlined in the capability statement you will want to address following in your technical statement:

1- Address each task or element specifically and with detail, task by task.

Don’t just say “I can do complex machining” or “I’ve done this under a contract with X agency.” List examples related to each task, be detailed in what types and how you have demonstrated that knowledge or skill.

If the agency has not defined the key functions they want you to address, address all major functions in the SOW. Elements not addressed can be deemed as not having capability.

2- Explain your capability level

Is it general knowledge, detailed knowledge, experience as prime or sub?

3- Subcontractor functions

If you were a subcontractor, what functions did you have? Were they core functions? What percentage of the contract did you handle?

4- Relate

Have you done the work in the past with this agency or other branch of the Government? If no, how quickly can you learn those regulations or do you have access to someone on your team that knows them?

Have you handled this sort of situation before?

5- Scope of work

Be sure to show understanding of the scope of the contract by responding with examples that match the scope of the contract.

If there are inherent issues in the type of work, explain how you have handled those issues in the past or how you are set up to handle unexpected issues that may arise.

6- Past performance

Have you done this work with other agencies? Have you done this commercially? Does your key personnel have the knowledge and experience?

How does the work for them relate to this work for this agency?

7- Identify contract experience

if any direct experience, identify the contract number, agency, the scope/value of the contract. You will also want to include the length of the contract, the functions you did under the contract, and/or the role your company played. These details give the experience credibility.

8- Identify any regulations, certifications

Even equipment you have or have used that is necessary to the function of this requirement.

9- State your intentions to team or subcontract

What percentage of work you are capable of in your own right and what percentage you are subcontracting.

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10- Key personnel

Identify the key personnel and their experience. What background do they bring to the effort and what certificates do they hold?

11- Security Clearances

(if required) – Do you have a facility clearance? What clearances do your key personnel hold? Can you obtain cleared personnel?

12- Address any need for new personnel

Will your company have to hire to support this contract? If yes, where will you go to get personnel?

How quickly can you obtain personnel? What kind of a retention plan do you have to keep personnel?

If this will be a big growth step for your company how will you handle the sudden growth and its impact to managing your company? Do you have a growth plan?

13- Management Skill

Do you have the skill to manage the contract as a prime? This is a big issue in the minds of contracting officers. You may have the skill to do the requirement but do you also have the management skill?

14- Financial Capability

Do you have the money to fund this contract? If not, then from whom will you get your credit line?

Do you already have a credit line? Can you get one big enough to support this contract?

Provide your creditors name and the amount you can cover.

15- Transition Plan

 What kind of Ramp Up time will you need to be in full swing? You do not have to provide the details of the plan at this time.

In Conclusion

As you can see there is much more work involved when preparing a technical capability response, so do not rush through this process. When responding with this statement be sure to save it in PDF form, as this is the most widely accepted format by the government.

Read over the request to be sure you have addressed all questions and concerns in your technical capability response. Read over it again to be sure you are submitting all requested documentation, and the format required.

TIP: Remember instructions are meant to weed out responses. After all, if you cannot follow directions it is not likely that you can perform.

Readers will visit your web site for additional information. Make sure your web site is constantly updated and government-focused.