Targeted Marketing Plans

Having a government marketing plan from the start allows you to be more productive with your efforts. But having a targeted marketing plan can make all the difference between success and frustration!

Therefore, your Government marketing plan should focus on one thing, the path of least resistance. Having sold directly to the DoD, we have a deeper understanding at how a company fits into the overall scheme of things, as well as how to approach it in a manner that is most receptive. 

We take the time to really understand your overall marketing objective and how best to achieve it. Let CSG Federal minimize the costs associated with this process and put our years of experience to work for you!

Actionable and Measurable

A Plan of Attack that Gets Results!

A Targeted Approach to Marketing

The first step to a targeted marketing plan is identifying your overall objective. Meaning, what you are wanting to accomplish, it has to be about more than just making a sell.

As an example; are you wanting to bring awareness to a new product and need to educate the buyer of its advantages, or do you offer a better buyer experience with outstanding support? Either way, you must be able to define your objective.   

The next step in the planning process is to identify your target audience. This means more than targeting anyone who might buy. You see, in the government you have buyers that buy once in a blue moon, and then you have those that buy more frequently.

Now our competitors will use various government codes and classifications to identify relevant data. Consequently, this  can cause data to be less relevant. Therefore, we combined codes, classifications and keywords with some good old fashion manual labor.

That’s right, we take the time to drill into the data to obtain what is truly relevant. This forms the basis of an effective and targeted approach to Government.

Now being armed with a target marketing plan, combine it with a powerful capability statement and you have a plan of attack that can’t miss.

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Our Marketing Plans Identify

Your Specific Government Buyers
Government Facilities Benefiting You Most
Competitors Based on Dollars vs. Direct Threat to You
Teaming Arrangements to Exapnd Your Reach

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