Government Contracting Course

Positioning for Tomorrow

A Government contracting course focusing on what you need to know NOW to generate contract revenue, and what affects your ability to perform under the contract.

We exceed your expectations in Government training. As an example; this Government contracting course assigns you an experienced professional that assists you in best practice for establishing performance and sustaining growth in the Government market; providing time tested techniques used in the market today. 

These are straight forward techniques used to save time and be more productive. In fact, these techniques alone can save tens of thousands of dollars in acquisition costs; not to mention years of trial and error.

Consequently, this Government contracting coarse is not for everyone – it is intended for those willing to do the due diligence required for winning contracts. Hence this 12 month training coarse is centered around multi-tasking for efficiency, and obtaining the maximum results with the least amount of effort.

After all, isn’t that what you ultimately want? Now for those of you who still prefer to educate yourself about Government Contracting, we invite you to explore the rich ‘how-to’ content our website has to offer.

Contract Training Overview

government contract training course

Introduction to Federal & Military Contracts

Gain Insight into what is important to Government suppliers and why.

Basic Skills & Getting Exposure in Government

Code preparation, certifications, and proper government profiles for maximum exposure.

Qualifying a Government Bid in
5 Minutes or Less

This simple technique saves time and increases productivity in the bid market.

Contract Structure & Key Clauses

Know what to look for when qualifying a bid, where it's located and what affects your ability to perform.

Establishing Performance with the Government

The importance of obtaining that first contract award and tips on how to do it.

Bidding Strategies

Pricing your bids competitively and maximizing profit margins.

The Pillars of
Government Research

The 5 pillars creating the foundation for market knowledge.

Market Research Strategies

Strategies designed to help you identify buyers, their buying patterns and preferences.

Marketing the Government Effectively

The keys to getting the attention & business of the Government; implementation and targeting.

Assets & Messaging

Creating a powerful capability statement with a clear value proposition, and using it effectively.

Creating Trust with Federal & Military Buyers

Simple and easy to use tips on developing rapport with the Government.

Relationship Building

Staying in front of your buyer, and benefiting from relationship sales.

Positioning for Government Opportunity

Taking advantage of a situation and increasing your chances for an award.

Limit Competition

Techniques used to identify contracts ahead of the request and limit the competition.

Expanding Your Reach in Government Contracts

Creating strategic partnerships to expand your reach and capabilities in the marketplace.

Win-Win Propositions

Using win-win propositions to take advantage of set aside contracts.

Managing Federal & Military Contracts

Managing the elements of a contract to minimize issues and liability.

Quality & Production Control Mechanisms

Contract quality and ensuring on time delivery.

"Give a man a fish he eats for a day...teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime."

What You Get

A Powerful, Informative Learning Experience

All training webinars, audio files and modules will be delivered to you for easy reference. We track the to-do’s, concerns and issues during our training as well as discussions and deliver comprehensive notes, to keep you on track.

Government Consulting Support

Unlimited email support from an experienced contracting professional. In addition to training, you get up to 1 hour of scheduled consulting time per month, used as needed.

It’s like having a personal consultant on payroll!

A Targeted Plan of Attack

We assist you in developing a targeted approach, designed to achieve your specific objective; ensuring future Government success.

Having a targeted marketing plan can make all the difference between success and frustration!

Procurement & Logistics Tools

Throughout the course of study you get complimentary usage of our small business procurement & logistics tool, 

Not only will these resources provide you with easy access to Government information, but doing so in a manner that it becomes actionable Intel.

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