Capability Statements

A Government capability statement is a crucial part to a small business gaining name recognition and awareness within the marketplace.

Hence, it is the most important document you can have. So it only makes sense that it reflects your business in the best light possible. Above all it should be effective!

Avoid a “one size fits all” capability statement, it is a waste of your’s and the agency’s time and could have a negative impact.

Successful Small Businesses Use Their Capability Statement for a Number of Reasons;

To set them apart from competitors

A door-opener to new agencies

Proof of qualifications

Proof of past performance

Used To Respond To The Following Request;

Experience Our Capability

Being a small business and former sellers ourselves, we’ve gained experience using capability statements.

Because of this we have a deeper understanding of what works. Therefore, we understand what buyers look for when making decisions.

Our Statements Offer a Small Business the Following Value;

Experienced design staff specific to government.

Fully editable statements; easily customize the copy to fit your specific buyer.

Control over your capability’s message.

Custom to your company’s position in the market – no two statements are alike.

We take the time to get to know you and your company to determine how best to position you.

  • You have just 3 seconds to get the attention of the prospect, so you need to stand out! This means adding certain visuals in order to draw the reader’s eyes into your statement, unfortunately not all of us are designers.

The Elements of a Capability Statement

An effective capability statement consists of 4 key elements. They are core competencies, past performance, uniqueness (or differentiators), and contact information. It should go without saying, omitting any one of these could have a negative effect on your efforts.

Ineffective Statements

Many small businesses trying to increase sales to the government do not have a clear value statement detailing what makes them different from their competitors. If these benefits cannot be clearly communicated, it is impossible for a decision-maker to make a clear recommendation for your company over one of your competitors. 

With this in mind, you want to feed quick consumable and relevant information, otherwise you may get overlooked. 

Another common mistake made is having a “one size fits all” capability statement. This too can have a negative effect on your efforts. Hence, if a particular buyer is buying machined parts, why show him screws?

Make Your Capability Statement More Relevant To The Needs Of The Buyer,
and Watch What A Difference It Makes!

Our Process

The first thing is to schedule a consultation with an experienced professional. Although we have the experience, no two small businesses are alike. Thus, we ask a series of questions to get to know you and your long term goals.

This allows us to determine your position in the market. Don’t worry if you have trouble answering, we have a way of drawing this out for you. Then, we can begin to construct a clear value proposition and upon approval the design process begins.

The Design Process

Unfortunately not all our clients can supply product shots. That being the case, we are able to supply stock images based on our royalty free stock image portfolio. However, we do prefer for the client to supply images as it does make for a more personal feel.

Should you be supplying us with images, we ask that they be of high quality and in JPEG format. These can be anything from the finished product, to machinery used, to employees on the production line.

Finally, the magic starts to happen. Having all the elements needed, we begin putting it all together. At this point in the process you are presented a proof of what the finished statement will look like.

Upon approval, we deliver a fully editable capability statement, so that you can customize your information to the specific buyer. Now combine this statement with a targeted marketing plan and you’re well on your way to Government success!

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