Save Time in Government with this Simple Technique

Save Time in Government with this Simple Technique

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Improving Efficiency and Productivity

Saving Time Saves Money

This technique not only increases efficiency and productivity, but also allows you to gain valuable insight into the government market.

Expanding a business into the federal and military markets can be a daunting task, that’s why this technique was so critical to my success.

Let me explain.

During my employment, I found myself promoted to a dual role of contract and business development manager. 

I was not only responsible for finding potential opportunities, but also for identifying patterns, trends and new market opportunity.

Having absolutely no government experience I found myself overwhelmed. Feeling like I could get a better return on my invested time, my focus was on the bid market.  

That said, I needed information to know whether or not we wanted to bid. Every day I found myself looking for any historical pricing information that may affect my decision making. 

While I did get better at quickly qualifying the bid, I still wasn’t gaining any insight on the market. I had to find a way to accomplish my objectives in an efficient manner.

The Discovery

Then it hit me! To gain insight, you need the following questions answered;

• Who are my actual buyers?
• Do they have any buying patterns?
• Do they frequently post for a certain set aside?

Discovering that the answers can be found while qualifying a bid,  it made little sense to access this information a second time..

Multi-Tasking to Make the Most of Your Time

So, I decided to try multi-tasking to make the most of my time. I began looking over a variety of information; while qualifying a bid and making mental notes (or writing them down).

The concept of multi-tasking is nothing new, however in the government it is a bit different. For multi-tasking to be effective you must define your objective.

Ask yourself what pattern you are wanting to define. In my case it was when buys take place, how often and who was getting the awards.  

Turns out, answering these questions can tell you a lot. It was then, that I began seeing patterns and was able to find our advantage. 

In Conclusion

Over time, by using this multi-tasking technique you start gaining a better understanding of where to be, who to be in front of and capitalize on your advantage. 

If you are manually trolling the government bid sites you are able to see everything being posted. This in itself, can give you a feel for what the government is doing and upcoming purchases.

Best of all, using this technique makes you better prepared to offer solutions, or even a better buying experience.

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