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NSN Search & Parts Database

bid today. position for tomorrow.

Perform an NSN (National Stock Number) search and gain Intel on military parts and products across the entire spectrum of the DoD, and their suppliers. Our unique series of databases, drawing from various public sources assists in establishing a more targeted approach to government contracts.

The connect-the-dot fashion for organizing NSN search results provides you with actionable Government Intel.

Bidding gets you into the market, but planning and a well thought out approach allows you to penetrate the market. Hence, our intent that the information found within will better prepare you to be more proactive in selling and positioning for government opportunity.

Search Features

NSN Search & Forecasting

Search our NSN or parts databases by National Stock Number (NSN), NATO Stock Number, NIIN, keyword or even the part number. NSN Forecasting includes AMC coding on anticipated buys 24 months out.

Government Bids

Keep your pipeline full with Government bid notifications from all levels of Government; including County and Local Municipalities. Capture potential opportunities before they are released on the street.

Research & Analysis

Powerful NSN research tools provide insight; allowing you to get involved in the procurement process ahead of the request. For instance, the ability to identify competitor re-compete contracts.

Phone Books & Contact Info

A comprehensive database of Government phone books, FOIA contacts, and SADBU contacts. With these extensive phone books & contact info, your'e never in the dark on decision makers.

NSN Database Exclusives

Mil-Specs & Standards

This data set includes standardization documents with the designations of MIL, MIL-STD, MIL-PRF, and MIL-DTL. Thereby, maximizing valuable time.

Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Obtain Technical Data Packages (TDP) in PDF format, instead of those pesky c4 files the Government provides. Thus allowing for quicker bid/no-bid decision making.

AMC & AMSC Filtering

Stop wasting time on sole source and restricted bids. With AMC filtering identify viable opportunity and increase efficiency.

Data-Drill-Down Platform

Our data-drill-down approach allows NSN data to be used in an organized connect-the-dots fashion; providing actionable Intel.

Content Management System

Perfect for the Multi-Tasker! Our content management system keeps you organized and on top of things. Efficiently manage workflow, research projects and contracts.

Industry Leading Support

Our success depends on your success! The level of service to our clients has led to one of highest retention rates in our industry. We truly love what we do.

Gain Insight into Buyer Behavior
And Position for Tomorrow's Opportunities - Today!

Frequently asked questions

Screening government bid opportunities by their Acquisition Method Code (AMC) and Acquisition Method Suffix Code (AMSC) is important, it quickly reveals ifit is a viable bid opportunity for your company.

Our unique series of databases provide you with actionable government Intel for just $200 month to month, with no contract commitments. Please be advised that in order to keep costs down to our users, all accounts are set up for recurring billing.

We believe that a solution is only as good as the user’s ability to use it. That being said, upon enrollment an initial training session is scheduled for you or anyone who will be using the system, this usually lasts about an hour.

We believe if both parties have a vested interest in something, they are more likely to see it through. And because we have a vested interest in our client’s success from the start, we do not feel trial periods are warranted.

Yearly, Corporate, Multi-User and PTAC discounts are available. Call 1.800.539.1032 to obtain pricing information.

What our clients say

"I can't begin to tell you how helpful this information has been for me. It's given me a whole new way to approach solicitations......thanks to you!"
"I now have Federal buyers spending a good amount of $$ through micro purchases that I have found using the system..... with the many ways I use these tools, I find it very hard for other businesses to compete with the wealth of knowledge I now have."
"Your system continues to allow us to increase awareness of our STEM programs in space exploration....I will not hesitate to recommend you guys."
"The customer service I receive continues to be very quick and responsive to my needs...keep up the great work!"

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bid today. position for tomorrow.