Extent of Competition Codes for Federal and Military Contracts

The Government uses Extent of Competition Codes to identify the extent in which a contract will be competed, not to be confused with Solicitation Procedure Codes.  Basically, competition codes determine the amount of qualified sources able to bid on a given contract. 

Therefore, by having an understanding of extent of competition codes you can qualify the government contract for quicker bid/no-bid decision making..

Contract Competition Codes

A - Full and Open Competition

A fully competitive proposal. It is not excluding any sources. Meaning any capable small business can bid on it.

B - Not Available for Competition

Commonly used when the government does not possess the technical data. As a result, it is not available for competition.

C - Not Competed

Contract is not being competitively competed. Thus, making this a dead opportunity to the small business.

D - Full and Open Competition after Exclusion of Sources

Excludes some sources before the government will compete the contract.

E - Follow On to Completed Action

This is a follow on action to an existing competed contract. Therefore, it is not a viable opportunity for the small business.

F - Competed Under SAP

In the event the purchase does not exceed the threshold of $250K, it can be competed under the Simplified Acquisition Procedure. 

Most, not all government contracts for small businesses are competed under SAP.

G - Not Competed Under SAP

Although the action is NOT competed under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold, it can be full and open competition. Making these contracts worth looking over.

In Conclusion

The path of least resistance for the small business are codes A and F. This is not to say that opportunities do not live elsewhere. Having a better understanding and some experience, codes D and G can make for potentially good opportunities as well.

REFERENCE: FAR 4.601(c)(1); DFARS 253.204-70(c)(4)(iii); DFARS 253.204-70(c)(4)(vi)

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