Award History, the Right Pieces Matter!

Award History, the Right Pieces Matter!

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Getting the right piece of award history is critical to quick and effective decision making. The government market is much like working a jigsaw puzzle; having many pieces making up our end result.

If you force a piece that doesn’t belong (or use the wrong information), you will just come up short. The nice thing is that much like a jigsaw puzzle, once you have put it together it becomes easier to duplicate.

So tell me, is this happening to you?

Have access to the government’s procurement history, but struggle to effectively put the pieces together to form anything actionable from it.


Using a bid service or FBO, only to find you are spending too much time saying…this fits, this doesn’t, or even find that it is a restricted bid.

You are not alone!

Anybody can produce procurement data, but are they really showing the information impacting our decisions, or is it just a bunch of pieces of the overall puzzle?

A few years back I got together with developers of procurement systems to establish the goal of solving this problem. 

Having defined the type of information that affected my decision making, along with the best practice of qualifying opportunities from the government, I then challenged the team.

The Challenges of Award History

Unlike what was currently available on the market, I wanted to provide a way of displaying pertinent data to allow for a quicker decision; while also presenting it in actionable form.

By implementing simple filters like ‘AMC and AMSC’,  I could eliminate a lot of the wasted time on opportunities that are not truly viable.

I knew that providing such a solution to a market with a negative perception would prove to be no easy task.

Because of this, I worked harder at finding the best way to present information impacting the decision making process, and lesson the negative perception surrounding data providers.

Having information can be an advantage, but I also knew that the lack of knowing how to use this information would result in little value.

To address this I decided to assign each user a representative with the experience of accessing and using government information; believing this would also result in a better user experience.

Continuing to expand the capabilities of the system, I created the industry’s first service with actionable Intel.This solution, having been designed by a seller for the seller, would be called Search GovData.

By choosing the connect-the-dot platform for displaying pertinent data, and assignment of experienced professionals provides the user with more accurate profiles for capturing viable opportunities, it has quickly gained in popularity.

In Conclusion

Having the various pieces of the government puzzle put together in a way that allows you to see your end result – information starts working for YOU!

Today it has evolved into a resource for those selling parts and products to better manage their time through quicker and more effective decisions; while providing them the ability to position for tomorrow.

To get a look at your market potential I invite you to get a personalized Search GovData web demo today!