About CSG Federal

CSG Federal empowers the small business with the knowledge to use government procurement information to their advantage. We provide Tips, Tricks & Techniques used by seasoned sellers to manage time effectively, increase productivity and improve bid-to-win ratio.

In today’s government market obtaining new opportunity is more difficult than it has ever been. A small business can no longer afford to sit back passively and hope the government comes a knocking.

With the recent panel recommendations to Congress, could prove to make it even harder for the small business to participate and obtain a government contract. And let’s face it, the ‘how-to’ information that is currently available only confuses a person more than it helps. 

That’s where we come in CSG Federal bridges the gap between information and how to use it effectively, to gain market entry or increase market share.

Information is an advantage... but not knowing how to use it, the advantage has been lost.

- Our Founder

CSG Federal's Commitment to You

Small Businesses are our central focal point and are fundamental to everything we do. Our support team is here to assist you on an ongoing basis. Bottom line – we want to provide you with the best client service experience in our industry, and aim to exceed expectations every chance we get.

To accomplish this goal we are dedicated to the following;

Cutting-edge products we are proud of
A focus on providing value to your business
A friendly, transparent, client-centric culture
Unrivaled client support to help you succeed
Availability of product expertise
Ongoing access to training and resources
Proactive, collaborative dialog about product enhancements, and new offerings 

This level of service to our clients has led to one of the highest retention rates in our industry. We often hear that it is one of things that separates us from others in our field.

Vision Statement

To be the premier provider of government information, technology and services by empowering the small business with the ability to compete and sustain growth in the government market.

Statement of Beliefs

We Believe;

  • balance between personal life and professional life is necessary to maintain a life of quality.
  • in the value of teamwork and we respect each individual’s contribution.
  • professional ethics cannot be compromised.
  • in providing the highest quality services and products.
  • recognizing change enables us to identify and capitalize on opportunities.
  • by creating an environment where loyalty is given and received, we strengthen ourselves, our relationships and our organization.
  • it is our responsibility to contribute to our community and make it a better place for all to live.
  • open and honest communication will improve our relationships with each other and our effectiveness with our clients.

Mission Statement

To educate, inspire and encourage more small business participation in government contracting; empowering them with the ability to use information to gain a competitive advantage.

Bring to market new, innovative products and services to ensure sustainable growth.

Create a forum in which small business government contractors gather to exchange, share and collaborate; contributing to each other’s success.

Producing an educational platform that allows the small business to become more self-reliant; reducing the dependency on consultants and other service based companies.

- From the Founder

richard campbell

Richard Campbell

Founder, Keynote Speaker, former Defense Contractor and Small Business Consultant

With recent changes in procurement policies, and the recommendation of putting “mission ahead of set-aside” the small business could face tougher challenges.

That being said, it is important to take a more proactive approach. By getting into a more proactive state you are better informed, and get ahead of the game. By doing so it ensures that you build your customer base, develop and nurture your relationships.

You see, the key to sustaining growth in the government market is to bid today; while positioning for tomorrow.

My name is Richard Campbell, Founder and Managing Principal at CSG Federal. I would like to take you on a journey of personal struggles I faced, when entering the world of government contracts. Hence, it is because of these experiences that I have the vision and passion for what has become CSG Federal.

How It All Began

You see, in the beginning of my career I had started a position with an aerospace company that was involved in some defense work. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I found myself knee-deep in the scary, and complex world of military contracts.

Within the first 12 months of working for this aerospace company I started being cross trained. I spent time in production, quality assurance & inspection, purchasing, and even production control. 

It was during this time that I began to see the complexities and the different aspects of government contracting and compliance. 

Then one day I came into work early, as I usually do, and was asked to take over the government side of the business. What could I say? I said OK, not knowing if I could really handle such a challenge.

A Different World

Talk about scared. I was very overwhelmed because managing and overseeing government contracts was a whole different world to me. Now I have to deal with contract language, mil-specs, along with government regulations and procedures – oh my!

Each and every day I struggled to get a basic understanding of what things really meant to me (as a seller), and I wasn’t having any luck at finding helpful resources online either.

As I worked harder and harder to address my problems. And then I started developing relationships. Through these relationships I managed to create with both industry and government, I began asking questions. 

There’s something you should know about me, I am the type of  person that loves to absorb information. I am like a sponge to anyone that will allow me to tap into their knowledge. 

And let me tell you, boy-oh-boy did I ask a lot of questions. I wanted both, the buyer’s and the seller’s perspective; gaining a better understanding for an effective approach to government.

The company that I worked for had 3 principal owners, each running a separate and successful business. Slowly their priority, goals and focus began to shift toward expanding those businesses into new markets. 

CSG Federal is Born

Upon the closing of the aviation company, one of the owners had told a consulting firm about me. They called wanting to contract me as an independent consultant for their client base, and I agreed.

My knowledge continued to improve and more and more companies were requesting my assistance. 

It was during this time that I realized that most small businesses have the same issues I did. And like me, they don’t understand the value of the information due to the lack of knowing exactly how to use it. 

So I became determined to change that. Now it was no longer about my passion for government contracting.

It became something bigger – empowering the small business with the resources and knowledge to use information to their advantage.

 And so, CSG Federal was born!

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